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Kerten Hospitality’s $400 Million Investment in Saudi Arabia’s Hospitality Sector
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Kerten Hospitality is becoming a big name in Saudi Arabia’s hospitality sector with an investment of $400 Million. They are due to open an Ultra Exclusive Hotel in Al Ula called Cloud 7 and a House Residence Property in the futuristic Oxagon Project in NEOM.

In the evolving world of hospitality, Kerten Hospitality is making significant strides on the global stage, particularly in Saudi Arabia. With an investment of approximately $400 million, the company is revolutionizing the industry with unique projects and strategic partnerships.

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The Rise of Kerten Hospitality

Kerten Hospitality, initially known as a disruptor, is now leading the charge in Saudi Arabia’s hospitality sector. The company’s innovative approach and dedication to excellence have earned it the trust of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Tourism. 

It has been assigned to deploy over a dozen new projects across the Kingdom, usually designated to international operators.

Projects in Upscale Locations

Neom Oxagon
Image Credit NEOM

In mid-2023, Kerten Hospitality became one of the first operators chosen for NEOM’s Oxagon project, where it will debut a House Residence branded property featuring 200 serviced apartments due to open in 2025.

Kerten Hospitality is also part of a select group of operators in AlUla, with its Cloud7 project joining the ranks of Accor’s Banyan Tree and the popular Habits.

The AlUla Project: Dar Tantora by The House Hotel

Image Credit Royal Commission for AlUla

A critical project in the pipeline for AlUla is Dar Tantora by The House Hotel—the 30-key property results from the repurposing of mud-brick buildings around AlUla’s Old Town village.

Beyond the physical restoration of the buildings, local artisans are being trained and then entrusted with the restoration work. This aligns with Kerten Hospitality’s commitment to enriching the local area and providing employment opportunities to the locals.

The Collective: A New Chapter

Image Credit Cloud7 Hotels and Residence

Kerten Hospitality’s expansion continues beyond there. Under CEO Marloes Knippenberg’s leadership, the company plans to enter additional premier locations in Saudi Arabia under a new portfolio called “The Collective.”

The Collective was announced in May 2023 and aims to speed up the activation of unique assets across the Kingdom, providing investors with increasing confidence in the thriving hospitality market.

A Trusted Hospitality Partner

Image Credit AlUla

Kerten Hospitality’s success is not only a result of its innovative projects but also due to the trust and understanding it has built with the Saudi government and locals.

The company’s growth has paralleled the Kingdom’s development, helping it forge meaningful relationships. Kerten Hospitality has become a trusted partner in the region.

A Shared Vision: Aligning with Saudi Vision 2030

Image Credit Vision 2030

Kerten Hospitality’s growth is further spurred by its alignment with the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030. From its vigorous support of environmentalism to its emphasis on local culture, Kerten Hospitality mirrors the goals of the Kingdom.

The company has created a foundation of processes that allow it to scale sustainably while maintaining its uniqueness and creativity.

Market Appeal and Strategy

Image Credit Cloud7 Hotels and Residence

Much like Saudi Vision 2030’s goal of attracting a mix of international and domestic appeal, Kerten Hospitality’s new wave of projects aims to do the same.

The company’s products create a platform where local and international audiences can unite. These products are designed to attract a global audience while maintaining a sense of location and place for local travellers.

The Future Growth for  Kerten Hospitality

Image Credit Cloud7 Hotels and Residence

Looking ahead, Kerten Hospitality aims to be the number-one choice in Saudi Arabia regarding having a lifestyle portfolio. With its innovative approach and commitment to enriching the local area, the company is well on its way to achieving this goal.

Kerten Hospitality is setting new standards in the hospitality industry with its unique projects and strategic partnerships. The company’s growth in Saudi Arabia is a testament to its innovative approach and commitment to enriching the local area. 

As Kerten Hospitality continues to forge ahead, it is poised to impact the global hospitality industry significantly.

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