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Jabal Omar Secures License For The Construction of 2nd  Tower of Jumeirah Hotel in Makkah
Jabal Omar Has Secured The Permit For The Construction of The Second Tower of Jumeirah Hotel in Makkah

Travelers to the Holy City of Makkah can anticipate more luxury accommodations with the Jabal Omar Development Company securing clearance from The Ministry of Tourism to open the second tower of the new 5-Star Jumeirah hotel. 

The new tower features 244 luxury rooms and suites. On completion the Jabal Omar Jumeirah Hotel will consist of 4 towers each with 19 floors with a prime location next to Al Masjid Al Haram.

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Jabal Omar’s Jumeirah Hotel: A New Era of Luxury

“Our ongoing efforts to hand over the remaining two towers to the operator and fulfill requirements for permits from relevant authorities to operate the tower reflect our commitment to enhancing the pilgrimage experience in Makkah.” – Jabal Omar Development Co.

Image Credit Jumeirah Hotel Makkah

The company’s announcement revealed that the second tower of the Jabal Omar Jumeirah Hotels features 244 modern-style, luxurious rooms and suites. This makes a great addition the growing list of new Makkah Hotels.

 It also boasts a restaurant, café, meeting halls, business center services, prayer zones, and a fitness center, all designed to provide guests with a seamless and comfortable stay.

Image Credit Jumeirah Hotel Makkah

The Jumeirah Hotel Makkah in the Jabal Omar Development consists of:

– Four 19-floor towers

– Adjacent to the Holy Mosque

– 244 luxurious rooms and suites

Anticipated Financial Impact of the New Extension

Image Credit T SchneiderShutterstockcom

Jabal Omar anticipates the new extension will have a positive impact on its revenues for the current year.

This expectation is bolstered by last year’s record-breaking hospitality revenue, which nearly tripled to SR268 million ($71.46 million) in the first quarter of 2023, up from SR96 million during the same period the previous year. 

This significant growth is primarily attributable to the company’s successful strategy of enhancing the performance of its commercial center portfolio.

The Power of Jabal Omar’s  Cost-Control and Spending Strategies 

In addition to improved hospitality revenue, Jabal Omar reported a substantial 241 percent increase in operating profits during the first quarter of 2023, reaching SR102 million. 

This marked a significant shift from the operating losses of SR72 million recorded for the corresponding period in 2022. 

This successful turnaround is credited to the company’s cost-control and spending strategies, which have proven effective in driving profitability. Jabal Omar which is one of Saudi Arabia’s largest real estate developers is also listed on the Saudi Tadawul Stock Exchange.

Saudi Arabia’s National Tourism Strategy: A Vision for 2030

Image Credit Saudi Vision 2030

Saudi Arabia’s National Tourism Strategy aims to attract 150 million visitors by 2030, dramatically increasing the sector’s contribution to the Kingdom’s GDP to over 10 percent. 

The strategy also aims to annually attract more than 30 million pilgrims. The recent developments at Jabal Omar align seamlessly with this vision, contributing to the country’s ambitious tourism goals.

Image Credit Jabal Omar Development Company

Jabal Omar’s commitment to providing luxurious accommodations for worshippers in Makkah is a testament to the company’s forward-thinking approach to development. 

As Saudi Arabia moves towards achieving its ambitious tourism goals, Jabal Omar is poised to lead the way in delivering world-class hospitality experiences in Makkah with 40 tower housing five-star hotels, apartments, and malls.

The Recent Unveiling of The Sky Mussallah at Makkah’s Address Hotel

Image Credit Address Hotel Makkah

The 5-Star Address Hotel in Jabal Omar in Makkah also recently unveiled its Sky Musallah, which is the highest prayer room in the world located within a sky bridge.

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