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Gulf Air Introduces Seasonal Flights From Bahrain To the Historical City of Al Ula in Saudi Arabia

Gulf Air has introduced seasonal direct bi-weekly flights from Bahrain to the historical city of AlUla, Saudi Arabia.

This seasonal route will operate on A320-NEO Aircraft, enhancing AlUla’s magical cultural exploration opportunities from February 3rd to March 6th and April 10th to April 27th. 

With 6 Saudi destinations and a global network covering 54 locations, Gulf Air continues to expand travel opportunities.

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A New Global Route to AlUIa

Image Credit Gulf Air

The introduction of the Bahrain-AlUla route marks an exciting milestone in Gulf Air’s operational expansion. Offering bi-weekly flights starting February 3rd, 2024, this seasonal route promises to open doors to the enchanting world of AlUla’s rich history and stunning landscapes.

AlUla, A UNESCO World Heritage Site

AlUla, home to boundless rich cultural heritage, is home to Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage site, Hegra, evolving into a go-to destination for global visitors. 

Featuring a history of over 200,000 years, much of which remains relatively unexplored, the region features significant landmarks such as the Nabataean city of Hegra, the ancient Kingdoms Dadanite and Lihyanite, and AlUla Old Town. 

Fine Dining Restaurants in AlUla

Image Credit Welcome Saudi

AlUla Restaurants offer a unique culinary experience against stunning backdrops. The diverse terrain invites adventures like rock climbing, hiking, and camping under the desert’s starry sky. Seasonal events and cultural activities blend rich history with modern flair.

Flight Schedule and Details

Image Credit Gulf Air

Gulf Air’s flight GF 0191 is scheduled to depart from Bahrain International at 3:10 PM and arrive in AlUla at 5:30 PM. The return flight, GF0192, will take off from AlUla International at 6:15 PM and touch down in Bahrain at 8:05 PM. 

These flights will operate twice a week until March 6, 2024, followed by a second phase from April 10 to April 27, 2024.

Image Credit Gulf Air

The advanced A320-Neo aircraft, known for its modern and comfortable cabins, will serve the flights, ensuring a pleasant travel experience for passengers.

Gulf Air’s Growing Presence

Gulf Air Introduces Seasonal Flights From Bahrain To the Historical City of Al Ula in Saudi Arabia
Image Credit Gulf Air

Having started operations in 1950, Gulf Air’s presence in Saudi Arabia has been around for a while. Over seven decades, the airline has robustly serviced the region, consistently seeking to meet the evolving needs of travelers.

The addition of AlUla to its seasonal destinations brings Gulf Air’s global network to an impressive total of 54 destinations. This expansion is in line with the airline’s vision to excel and enhance the travel experience, ensuring that the diverse needs of travelers are met.

Further Expansion Plans

Image Credit Gulf Air

Looking ahead, Gulf Air has ambitious plans to extend its global reach further. The airline has announced its intentions to launch flights to China in 2024, further exemplifying its continuous efforts to connect diverse regions and meet the evolving travel needs of passengers.

Regional Developments

Image Credit Qatar Airways

Gulf Air’s expansion to AlUla is a collaborative development in the region. Qatar Airways, the national carrier of Qatar, has also recently initiated services to AlUla from Doha, operating two weekly flights. This launch contributes to 10 destinations served in Saudi Arabia by Qatar Airways.

 Exciting Future Ahead

Image Credit Gulf Air

Gulf Air’s expansion to AlUla is a testament to the airline’s commitment to facilitating cultural exploration and meeting the diverse travel needs of its passengers. 

This move not only enhances Gulf Air’s global network but also promises to offer travelers an opportunity to explore the rich history and stunning landscapes of AlUla.

As Gulf Air continues to expand and innovate, travelers can look forward to more exciting destinations and exceptional service from the airline.

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