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Genesis Unveils The First Ever GV80 Coupe and The Redesigned GV80
Genesis Unveils The First Ever GV80 Coupe and The Redesigned GV80

Hyundai Motor Co.’s premium brand, Genesis has introduced the redesigned GV80 and GV80 Coupe at an exclusive Seoul event, merging tradition with innovation.

The redesigned models promise heightened luxury and performance, featuring unparalleled luxury, redesigned exteriors, advanced technology, and personalized interiors. 

This launch connects Korean automotive mastery with Middle Eastern audiences, representing Genesis’ commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

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The Redesigned GV80 SUV

Image Credit Genesis Motors Canada

Since its debut in January 2020, the Genesis GV80 has gathered impressive sales figures, surpassing 170,000 units globally in the luxury SUV market. 

The redesigned model ushers in a comprehensive interior overhaul, elevating the in-car experience with new convenience features tailored for enhanced comfort and safety.

Exterior Redesign of GV80 SUV

Image Credit Genesis Motors Canada

The GV80’s exterior exudes refined elegance, accentuated by a newly designed Two-Line Crest Grille that seamlessly integrates with the signature Two-Line headlamps. 

Crafted with cutting-edge Micro Lens Array (MLA) technology, these sleek headlamps exemplify Genesis’ harmonious fusion of state-of-the-art engineering and design excellence.

Interior Refinement in GV80 SUV

Image Credit Genesis Motors Canada

Embracing the uniquely Korean concept of the “Beauty of White Space,” the GV80’s interior seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology with luxurious details, creating a sophisticated ambiance.

Image Credit Genesis Motors Canada

A 27-inch-wide OLED display integrates the cluster and the AVN (Audio, Video, Navigation) screen, exemplifying the harmony between high-tech devices and luxurious elements.

Image Credit Genesis Motors Canada

The seamless design extends to the center fascia, where a touch-based HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system offers drivers effortless control. The redesigned crystal-like Shift By Wire (SBW) ensures a comfortable grip, adding a sense of luxury. 

Image Credit Genesis Motors Canada

The GV80 offers a choice of five interior colors, including three new additions: Earth Brown, Bordeaux Brown, and Glacier White.

Powertrain and Performance of GV80 SUV

Image Credit Genesis Motors Canada

The GV80 is equipped with two powertrain options: a gasoline 2.5 turbo engine, delivering a robust 304 horsepower and 43.0 kgf·m of torque, and a gasoline 3.5 turbo engine, producing a maximum output of 380 horsepower and 54.0 kgf·m of torque.

The First Ever GV80 Coupe

Image Credit Genesis Motors Canada

The highly anticipated unveiling of the GV80 Coupe adds a new facet to the Genesis brand, emphasizing a fusion of practicality and sportiness to accommodate any driving lifestyle.

Image Credit Genesis Motors Canada

The GV80 Coupe offers three engine choices, including the gasoline 3.5 turbo 48V electric supercharger (e-S/C), which features a robust 415 horsepower and 56.0 kgf·m of torque.

Dynamic Exterior Design of GV80 Coupe

Image Credit Genesis Motors Canada

The GV80 Coupe’s exterior creates a high-performance image, boasting an elegant yet daring silhouette, featuring the MLA-powered LED headlamps and double-layered Crest Grille like the redesigned GV80 SUV.

Image Credit Genesis Motors Canada

At the rear, the GV80 Coupe features a unique design with LED surface-emitting rear combination lamps and a wide integrated auxiliary brake light on the tailgate. A centrally descending rear spoiler adds a sporty touch. The GV80 Coupe has 13 exterior color options, including the exclusive Bering Blue.

Coupe-Specific Interior Design 

Image Credit Genesis Motors Canada

The interior of the GV80 Coupe captures a sporty sensibility with a design unique to a coupe. The two-tone D-cut steering wheel reinforces its driving dynamics and maintains an elegant interior image.

Unique carbon garnish patterns and seats with coupe-exclusive patterns and stitching further contribute to the refined design.

Elevated Safety and Convenience Features

Image Credit Genesis Motors Canada

The redesigned GV80 and GV80 Coupe are equipped with cutting-edge technologies to offer improved convenience and safety features, enriching the driving experience from departure to arrival. 

Image Credit Genesis Motors Canada

Furthermore, in line with Genesis’ utmost priority for safety, both models come with ten airbags, including a front-center airbag and powerful monoblock brake calipers.

Image Credit Genesis Motors Canada

This launch connects Korean automotive mastery with Middle Eastern audiences, representing Genesis’ commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. 

The region’s discerning tastes and appreciation for luxury and performance have inspired Genesis to deliver vehicles that meet and exceed expectations.

A Gateway to the Future

Image Credit Genesis Motors Canada

As the boundaries of luxury continue to be redefined, Genesis believes that the GV80 and GV80 Coupe will cater to the ever-evolving needs of its discerning customers. 

With the addition of the sporty Coupe to the GV80 family, Genesis brings a new expression of athleticism and invigorating performance to its lineup.

More Automobile Developments in Saudi Arabia

BYD Launch in Saudi Arabia

Image Credi BYD Europe BV

Al-Futtaim Electric Mobility Company and BYD, the leading brand for new energy vehicles, have partnered to bring environmentally friendly transportation to Saudi Arabia. 

During Founding Week, BYD introduced a variety of electric and hybrid vehicles, including the BYD HAN, BYD SEAL, and BYD SONG PLUS, in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dhahran. 

This launch marks an important step in promoting green mobility in the Kingdom, as BYD has recently surpassed Tesla as the best-selling Electric Vehicle brand worldwide in the last quarter of 2023.

Hyundai’s $500 Million Car Manufacturing Plant

Image Credit Hyundai

The Public Investment Fund (PIF) of Saudi Arabia and Hyundai have joined forces to establish a $500 million car manufacturing plant in the kingdom. 

The objective is to manufacture 50,000 vehicles annually, encompassing electric vehicles, commencing in 2026. PIF will hold the majority stake of 70%, while Hyundai will own the remaining 30%. 

The PIF’s Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Company

Image Credit The PIF

The Public Investment Fund (PIF) launched the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Company (EVIQ) to provide top-tier charging facilities for electric vehicles throughout Saudi Arabia. The ambitious goal is to deploy more than 5,000 fast chargers at over 1,000 locations by 2030.

These charging stations will be strategically installed in cities and on major roads, conforming to all applicable regulations and standards.

NEOM Investment into PONY.AI

Image Credit Pony AI

Sauid’s NEOM Investment Fund is investing $100 million into, an autonomous driving technology company, to aid in developing and producing autonomous driving vehicles for NEOM and important markets in the Middle East. 

This new agreement entails collaboration between NEOM and to advance autonomous driving services, produce innovative vehicles, and establish intelligent vehicle infrastructure throughout NEOM and pivotal Middle Eastern markets.

Lucid Motors Electric Vehicles Manufacturing

Image Credit Lucid Air

Lucid Motors has manufactured 800 electric vehicles in Saudi Arabia at its inaugural global facility in September of 2023. Originally constructed in Arizona, the vehicles underwent final assembly in Saudi Arabia.

 A significant portion of Lucid Motors, totaling 60%, is owned by the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF), and a pact with the Saudi Arabian government commits to the sale of 100,000 electric vehicles within the forthcoming decade.

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