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Fly Red Sea Celebrates its Inaugural Flight with Sustainable Aviation Fuel
Saudi Arabia's Fly Red Sea_ A Pioneering Leap in Sustainable Aviation

Saudi Arabia’s remarkable new seaplane service, Fly Red Sea, celebrated its inaugural flight on October 11, 2023. With four eco-friendly Cessna seaplanes that run on sustainable aviation fuel, Fly Red Sea’s primary purpose is to set up the stage for a more sustainable and luxurious way to explore the Beauty of the Red Sea Islands.

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An Innovation in Tourism Transportation

Fly Red Sea emerges as a trailblazer in tourism transportation, providing a unique way to explore the stunning Red Sea islands. The fleet of seaplanes offers a novel, eco-friendly travel option that caters to tourists’ comfort and luxury while ensuring minimal environmental impact.

The seaplane service boasts an initial fleet of four Cessna Caravan 208 seaplanes, each featuring a boutique, luxury interior. The aircraft can accommodate up to six guests, along with their luggage for transfers to water-based resorts. Alternatively, they can seat up to nine guests for panoramic tours across the entire Red Sea destination.

A noteworthy feature of Fly Red Sea is its commitment to sustainability. From day one, the seaplanes have been fuelled with Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), marking a revolutionary step in sustainable tourism transportation.

A Central Role in the Red Sea Development and Amaala Projects

Image Credit Red Global Sea

Fly Red Sea plays a pivotal role in the Red Sea Development and Amaala tourism projects, both ambitious ventures aimed at transforming Saudi Arabia into a global tourism hub. The seaplane service’s home base is the Red Sea International Airport in Hanak, Tabuk region, specifically created to cater to these projects.

These projects align with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, an ambitious plan to diversify the Kingdom’s economy. Fly Red Sea, as part of these ventures, is instrumental in creating exciting opportunities for young Saudi talent and the private sector, making a positive impact on people and the planet.

Future Expansion Plans

In line with the growing tourism industry in Saudi Arabia, Fly Red Sea has plans for expansion. The fleet is expected to grow to nine seaplanes by 2028 and more than 20 by 2030.

This expansion aligns with the development phases of the Red Sea destination. Upon completion in 2030, the destination will comprise 50 resorts, luxury marinas, golf courses, and other leisure facilities, offering up to 8,000 hotel rooms and over 1,000 residential properties across 22 islands and six inland sites.

Revolutionizing Sustainable Tourism

Image Credit Red Global Sea

Fly Red Sea’s commitment to using sustainable aviation fuel is a significant stride towards embracing sustainable tourism. As global awareness and concern about environmental issues grow, the company’s eco-friendly approach can set a precedent for other players in the industry.

Fly Red Sea is also exploring the potential of fully electric seaplanes, working closely with ZeroAvia to trial retrofitting Cessna Caravan Seaplanes with hydrogen-electric propulsion technology.

In line with RSG’s commitment to employ national talent, the first Saudi seaplane captain’s license has been issued to Fly Red Sea, and the first seaplane-specific engineers have been hired.

Fly Red Sea’s launch marks a significant step towards a more sustainable and luxurious way to explore the beauty of the Red Sea Islands. This initiative not only redefines the concept of aviation in Saudi Arabia but also establishes a model for sustainable tourism that can inspire the entire industry.

Luxury Amidst Nature: The Red Sea Islands and Resorts

Image Credit Red Sea Global

Nestled in the azure waters of the Red Sea, the islands beckon with pristine shores and vibrant marine ecosystems. Complementing this natural beauty are the emerging luxury resorts, which promise a harmonious blend of opulence and sustainability, offering guests an unmatched retreat into serenity and splendor.

Each island serves as a haven for those seeking tranquility, while the resorts infuse every moment with luxury. From diving into crystal-clear waters to dining under the stars, every experience is meticulously crafted. This blend of nature and elegance ensures that every visit becomes a cherished memory.

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