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Discover The Best Ramadan Restaurant Iftars in 2024
Discover The Best Ramadan Restaurant Iftars in 2024

With the arrival of the blessed month of Ramadan 2024, Riyadh is buzzing with excitement for the finest Ramadan Iftars. This is the time when the city truly comes to life, as the scent of delicious meals fills the air and a sense of unity fills every nook and cranny.

One of the highly anticipated events during this holy month is the Iftar, which is the meal that marks the end of the fast for Muslims at sunset. In 2024, Riyadh and Jeddah will be hosting a diverse range of memorable Ramadan Iftars, offering a culinary journey that is both varied and delectable. 

Our 2024 guide to the top Ramadan Iftars highlights the finest iftars and Ramadan tents offered by the most well known hotels and restaurants in Saudi Arabia. Here you will find the best Ramadan iftar dishes and Ramadan iftar meals.

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The 25 Best Ramadan Iftars in Saudi Arabia

  1. AlQasir Tent at The Ritz-Carlton Riyadh
  2. Bab Al Bahr at The Ritz-Carlton Jeddah
  3. Ramadan Tent at The St. Regis Riyadh
  4. Jackie Restaurant Riyadh
  5. Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh
  6. Sushiah Jeddah
  7. Mr Chow – KAFD Riyadh
  8. LPM Restaurant & Café Riyadh
  9. AOK Kitchen KAFD Riyadh
  10. Il Baretto KAFD
  11. Radisson Hotel Riyadh Airport
  12. Nofa Resort Riyadh
  13. Carbone at Mansard Riyadh
  14. Sadelle’s at Mansard Riyadh
  15. Mövenpick Hotel Tahlia Jeddah
  16. Roka Riyadh
  17. Roka Jeddah
  18. KAFD Ramadan Tent
  19. Mandarin Oriental Al Faisaliah, Riyadh
  20. Fairmont Riyadh
  21. Fairmont Ramla
  22. Zafran Indian Bisto
  23. Hyatt Place Riyadh Sulaimania
  24. Park Inn by Radisson Jeddah Madinah Road
  25. VIA Riyadh Ramadan Tent

AlQasir Tent at The Ritz-Carlton Riyadh

Image Credit Ritz Carlton

This Ramadan, AlQasir tent at The Ritz-Carlton Riyadh offers a serene and luxurious environment for Iftar and Suhoor for those looking for a little more luxury. 

Image Credit Ritz Carlton

The tent is a must-visit for an exceptional Ramadan celebration, renowned for its fine cuisine selections and serene environment.

Diamond AlQasir Tent Iftar (Poolside):

Adult: 860 SAR

Children (6-12 years): 430 SAR 

Golden AlQasir Tent Iftar (Ballroom):

Adult: 630 SAR.

Children (6-12 years): 320 SAR

For a magical Suhoor experience

Diamond AlQasir Tent (Poolside):

Adult: 520 SAR

Children (6-12 years): 260 SAR.

Bab Al Bahr – The Ritz-Carlton Jeddah

Image Credit Ritz Carlton

You can experience the elegance of Ramadan at Bab Al Bahr Ramadan Tent at The Ritz-Carlton Jeddah, where tradition and luxury collide, and visitors can savor delectable cuisine and a mesmerizing atmosphere.

Image Credit Ritz Carlton

‘Bab Al Bahr,’ which is situated on Al Hamra Corniche, is the ideal location for outdoor parties. Following Iftar, the lounge transforms into the ideal spot to unwind with friends and enjoy quiet Ramadan moments by the Red Sea while indulging in delectable hot and cold beverages.

The rich history of the hotel served as the inspiration for this idea. Families may also participate in various activities in the Ritz Club, a specially designed children’s section.

Iftar Buffet Price:

Adult: 375 SAR

Children: 185 SAR

Suhoor Buffet Price: 

Adult: 250 SAR

Children: 125 SAR

Astor Ballroom – Ramadan Tent at The St. Regis Riyadh

Image Credit Marriott

During Ramadan, the St. Regis Riyadh provides a captivating experience. Tradition and luxury combine at the St. Regis Riyadh to provide lifelong memories.  

Iftar at the Astor Ballroom

Image Credit Marriott

A world of culinary delights awaits at Astor Ballroom as the master chefs prepare the best Iftar feast. It provides various traditional Ramadan fare, including mouth watering sweets, fragrant soups, and juicy grilled meats. You won’t want to miss their Iftar meal.

Image Credit Marriott

Astor Ballroom has arranged for a lovely oud player to serenade with the alluring sounds of this ancient instrument, adding to the atmosphere. As you break your fast with loved ones, the calming sounds will take you to a world of peace and reflection with 

Price: SAR 700 per person.

Timings: 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Suhoor at the Astor Ballroom

Image Credit Marriott

Like Iftar, Astor Ballroom’s incredible Suhoor offering captures the spirit of late-night Ramadan parties

In the hours before dawn, Astor Ballroom welcomes indulges in a luxury buffet of foods and treats that have been thoughtfully chosen to please your palette. Throughout the evening, Astor Ballroom Sohour’s menu offers a variety of delectable snacks and enticing drinks to keep guests full and comfortable.

Price: SAR 550 per person.

Timings: Begins at 11:00 PM

Jackie Restaurant Riyadh

During Ramadan, Jackie Restaurant offers a casual, comfortable, and immersive one of its kind Suhoor experience. 

Image Credit Jackie Restaurant

Jackie, well-known for her Greek American fare, creates the perfect atmosphere for a pleasant iftar feast with various classic and trendy delicacies that are sure to entice your palate.

Take advantage of Jackie’s relaxed atmosphere and enjoy the flavors and fragrances of her well-prepared Suhoor delicacies. Our menu, which features everything from delectable drinks to savory nibbles, is created to offer a delightful and pleasurable eating experience, making your Suhoor a special occasion.

Image Credit Jackie Restaurant

Jackie Restaurant offers a Suhoor experience that lets you indulge in a delectable selection of delicacies without going over budget with this excellent Suhoor giving you time to have a leisurely dinner and be ready for the next day.

Price: SAR 350 per person. 

Timings: 8:00 pm

Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh

Luxurious services are the trademark of the Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh at Kingdom Centre, and Ramadan is no different. The hotel’s renowned Ramadan Tent will be returning to the Kingdom Ballroom. 

This year, the tent is beautifully decorated with gold highlights and an opulent style derived from Arabian design. The tent serves up various genuine regional delicacies from seven distinct culinary islands. 

Image Credit Four Seasons

The cuisine will tempt your taste buds with dishes like juicy grills from a Josper charcoal oven and genuine Saudi ouzi and chicken kabsa. The hotel also provides a Chef’s Table experience with personal butler service for an exquisite Iftar. 

The Price is SAR 750 for the Iftar Ramadan Tent 

The Price is SAR 780 for the Chef’s Table VIP Service.

Sushiah Jeddah

This Ramadan, Sushiah’s Jeddah Sari branch invites you to experience an unmatched culinary journey. Various delicious foods are waiting to satisfy your palette at Sushiah’s Jeddah. 

Image Credit Sushiah

With a commitment to providing an unforgettable dining experience, Sushiah’s Ramadan offer embodies the essence of generosity and abundance during this sacred time.

With its special Ramadan offer, Sushiah promises a feast without boundaries, from delicious appetizers to delicious main meals. The duration of the exquisite meals is every day of the week from March 17 until April 8 for Iftar and Suhoor at the Jeddah Sari branch only

Price: SAR 250 per person (VAT included)

Timings: 6 PM – 3:30 AM


Image Credit MR CHOW

The restaurants owned by MR CHOW have become symbols of class and refinement, as well as immersive artistic experiences that combine cutting-edge performance, architecture, art, and cuisine.

MR CHOW, the world-famous and celebrity-loved restaurant, promises an experience like no other throughout Ramadan, bringing a bit of Hollywood glitz to your nights.

Image Credit MR CHOW

This unique event highlights MR CHOW’s Beijing cuisine, which includes the delicious Gambler’s Duck, the house specialty MR CHOW Noodles, and the savory Chicken Satay.

MR CHOW’s Ramadan Timings and Pricing

Image Credit MR CHOW

Welcomed with the warmth of Saudi Coffee, guests are treated to various dates, refreshing laban, and warming chicken broth to start the trip off right. 

Price: SAR 275 per person 

Mr. Chow provides an a la carte Suhoor menu beginning at 8 PM for those who want to continue their gastronomic discovery into the night. This guarantees that every hunger is satisfied while letting guests enjoy every second spent with loved ones.

LPM Restaurant & Café Riyadh

Image Credit LPM Restaurant Café

The birthplace of French-Mediterranean cuisine, LPM Restaurant & Café Riyadh, extends an invitation to family and friends to enjoy their newly created unique Iftar Menu during the holy month of Ramadan. 

The restaurant has a wonderfully designed menu that is perfect for celebrating breakfast with loved ones. It honors tradition while showcasing the finest of LPM’s hallmark dishes. 

Iftar experience at LPM Riyadh 

Image Credit LPM Restaurant Café

LPM Riyadh’s Iftar starts with a delicious welcome featuring a Ramadan drink, dates, and a filling soup. 

A variety of delectable appetizers are presented at the table to begin the adventure, such as the traditional Burrata with tomatoes and basil, the revitalizing Green Lentil Salad with apple and burnt tomatoes, and the decadent Snails with Garlic Butter and Parsley, which is a tribute to the culinary artistry of France.

Each visitor can choose from various well-prepared foods for the main course that LPM offers. 

Image Credit LPM Restaurant Café

Mediterranean tastes are brought to the Iftar table with the Sea Bream Provençal Style, Grilled Veal Rib Eye, and Marinated Baby Chicken, and they are combined with rich flavors in the Fusilli Pasta with Prawns and Harissa Sauce.

Throughout Ramadan, LPM Riyadh’s Iftar Menu will be offered every day. At LPM Riyadh, diners can fully embrace the Ramadan spirit while indulging in a delectable meal with house specialties and traditional touches.

LPM’s Ramadan Timings and Pricing

The Iftar menu will be served with a minimum booking for two people to experience this shared set menu. For guests looking to visit for Suhoor time, the restaurant offers its À La Carte menu.

Price: SAR 250 per person for Iftar and Suhoor.

Iftar Timings: 6:00 pm

Suhoor Timings: 9:30 PM – 1:30 AM

Phone: +966 9200 11794

AOK Kitchen

Image Credit AOK Kitchen

A.O.K Kitchen Riyadh, located in the Eastern Province city of Khobar and the bustling capital of Riyadh, has rapidly established itself as one of the Kingdom’s favorite restaurants for light, comforting meals. 

Its menu is purposefully low in gluten and sugar, accommodates all dietary needs, and emphasizes local ingredients. 

The two locations, KAFD and Biennale, will come alive with celebrations throughout Holy Month, including Ramadan décor in their chic dining areas and patios with a garden theme. 

Image Credit AOK Kitchen

Throughout the month of Ramadan, A.O.K Kitchen’s two locations in Saudi Arabia will fully embrace the festive atmosphere, opening for suhoor and providing delivery services across Riyadh’s KAFD to foster a sense of neighborhood camaraderie. 

A.O.K Kitchen Ramadan timings:

KAFD – 8 pm-2 am

Biennale – 8 pm -2 am

Il Baretto

Image Credit IL Baretto

This Ramadan, Il Baretto is the place to go if you like Italian food. Renowned for its globally recognized à la carte selection, patrons can customize their Ramadan dining encounter according to individual tastes. 

Il Baretto’s exceptional cuisine guarantees a sensory feast throughout this unique month, making it one of Riyadh’s top Iftar restaurants.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for a Ramadan gift for someone you love, Il Baretto has a tiramisu that consists of layers of rich coffee, light chocolate, fluffy sponge, and airy whipped cream.

Timings: 5.45 PM – 2 AM.

Radisson Hotel Riyadh Airport

Image Credit Radisson Hotels

The Radisson Riyadh Airport unveiled its Ramadan offerings at a preview event that brought together VIPs, well-known media personalities, powerful people, and Radisson’s devoted customers.

Image Credit Radisson Hotels

The Iftar Buffet at the two Radisson Hotel Riyadh Airport locations, The Lounge and Lune Restaurant, will include food from several foreign cuisines. 

Price: 159 SAR per person.

Image Credit Radisson Hotels

The Lune restaurant offers stunning views of the outdoor pool and the wonderful weather at Iftaar

Price: 189 SAR per person

Image Credit Radisson Hotels

Additionally, for Suhoor, guests can enjoy a diverse à la carte menu at The Lounge, with various options. To enhance the experience, visitors can also savor shisha on the terrace while enjoying the pleasant weather. 

Price: 109 SAR.

Raddisson will also be hosting a daily raffle draw where guests can win daily prizes, including free night stays and free dinners, and the big prize being a Ford Territory 2024, where the winners will be announced on Ramadan 27th.

Nofa Resort Riyadh

Image Credit Radisson Hotels

With its superb Iftar and Suhoor offerings, NOFA Resort, a Radisson Collection hotel, provides an experience of the spirit of Ramadan. The banquet area’s gorgeous Ramadan tent creates the ideal atmosphere for an unforgettable dining experience.

A great collection of Ramadan delicacies, manakeesh, and delectable shawarma are available at live stations on its special à la carte menu throughout Ramadan. Every day iftar is served to indulge in a gastronomic adventure full of mouthwatering delicacies. 

Image Credit Radisson Hotels


Adults: 400 SAR per person.

Kids (below 12 years): 250 SAR. 

Corporate Groups (100-150 persons): 350 SAR.

Groups of (150 and above): 300 SAR. 

Timings: 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Mansard Riyadh

Image Credit Radisson Hotels

Mansard Riyadh, a Radisson Collection hotel, warmly invites guests to immerse themselves in the genuine essence of the season with exclusive offerings across multiple venues as the holy month of Ramadan gets underway. 

Image Credit Radisson Hotels

Guests are invited to conduct their Suhoor or Iftar celebrations at Carbone, Sadelle’s, Versailles Gallery, or even L’ami Dave, even if the restaurant will be closed throughout Ramadan.

Carbone Riyadh

Image Credit Radisson Hotels

During Ramadan, the popular Italian-American restaurant Carbone Riyadh is open to customers for Iftar and Suhoor meals. With a setting that expertly combines refined elegance and laid-back charm, Carbone ensures a memorable culinary experience. 

Image Credit Radisson Hotels

Three unique Iftar meals are available to guests, each carefully crafted to highlight a unique blend of tradition and creativity.

Image Credit Radisson Hotels

Carbone’s Iftar menus provide a tempting selection, such as salads, soups, pasta, meats, and desserts. Each dish is a monument to culinary brilliance, from tender lamb chops and Chicken Massimo Funghi Trifolati to spicy rigatoni and tortellini al ragu. 

Image Credit Radisson Hotels

Dessert offerings include traditional favorites like Mamouland dates paired with fragrant Arabic coffee. 

Timings: 400 – 500 SAR per person

Sadelle’s Riyadh

Image Credit Radisson Hotels

Sadelle Riyadh offers Ramadan delights in an elegant setting. Sadelle’s promises a pleasant trip through flavors that highlight the season’s spirit and offers three well-created meals.

Image Credit Radisson Hotels

At Sadelle’s, guests can savor an array of mouthwatering appetizers such as coconut shrimp and stuffed grape leaves, as well as meals like shish tawouk roasted young chicken and herb-crusted grilled lamb chops.

Image Credit Radisson Hotels

There are plenty of salad selections, including Waldorf, Freddy, and Mozzarella Tomato Salads, all of which come with a cool Dijon Mustard Dressing. 

Image Credit Radisson Hotels

A rich brownie with chocolate and cream cheese awaits as the dinner comes to an end, along with classic treats like dates, mamoul, and Arabic coffee.

Image Credit LOccitane

Starting on March 15th, Mansard Spa by L’Occitan will be open, allowing guests to improve their Ramadan experience with spa treatments. 

Furthermore, Mansard will continue to provide Fozaza’s Exclusive Afternoon Tea experience in their exclusive lobby lounge, giving guests an additional chance to bask in the season’s spirit in luxury and style.

Timings: 9:00 PM 

Mövenpick Hotel Tahlia Jeddah

Image Credit Accor

In the center of Tahlia, close to the city’s busy commercial and retail districts, is the 5-star Mövenpick Hotel Tahlia Jeddah. The hotel’s sophisticated, contemporary decor perfectly reflects the lively vibe of Jeddah.

Image Credit Accor

Guests at the Mövenpick Hotel Tahlia Jeddah are treated to delicious, freshly made meals that perfectly capture the brand’s distinct characteristics.

Image Credit Accor

At Mövenpick Hotel Tahlia Jeddah Le Bristro

Iftar: 260 SAR per person

Suhoor: Price195 SAR per person

At Mövenpick Hotel Tahlia Jeddah Ballroom Ramadan

Iftar Buffet: 325 SAR per person

Suhoor Buffet: 250 SAR per person.


Image Credit ROKA

This Ramadan season, ROKA, the acclaimed Japanese robatayaki restaurant, is delighted to announce its exclusive Ramadan offerings in both its Riyadh and Jeddah locations, promising unforgettable dining experiences during Ramadan.

ROKA Riyadh

At ROKA Riyadh, enjoy a modern Japanese Iftar with dishes that include a sea bream fillet served with ryotei miso, red onion, and steamed rice. A special date mochi dessert is also served. 

Price: SAR 195 per person.

Image Credit ROKA

Diners are also invited to indulge in the Ringo Sour, a refreshing mocktail meticulously crafted from a mix of cinnamon, clove, apple, and citrus notes.

Timings: 6 PM – 1.30 AM

Image Credit ROKA

These Ramadan Iftars provide something for everyone, whether your cravings are for foreign food, traditional Saudi specialties, or upscale dining experiences.

ROKA Jeddah

Image Credit ROKA

At ROKA Jeddah, guests can savor the unique tastes of the season with the Nomi-Mono. This special mocktail combines espresso coffee, dates, milk cordial, and a touch of almond flavor in a beautiful combination.

Image Credit ROKA

The Iftar set menu includes main course choices such as its aromatic rice hot pot accented with Japanese mushrooms, miso butter, and a touch of shaved truffle. 

Price: SAR 195 per person

Main meals like the grilled T-bone steak with wasabi salsa, a thick veal jus, and oyster mushrooms are part of the Suhoor experience.

Image Credit ROKA

During Ramadan, customers may still enjoy its à la carte, seasonal, and premium tasting menus along with its specially selected Iftar set meals and Suhoor choices, while the izakaya, brunch, and Taste of ROKA selections will be suspended.

ROKA Riyadh and Jeddah Timings: 6 PM – 1:30 AM 

KAFD Ramadan Tent

Image Credit KAFD

The King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD) has a thriving cuisine scene. With its Ramadan Tent in Ramadan, KAFD is raising the stakes. The tent will host a lavish Iftar event that combines tradition and elegance every day of Ramadan. 

With a fusion of regional and global cuisines, the Iftar menu promises to be a sensory extravaganza. A bazaar, a kids’ area, a lounge, and live Qanoon music will all be available within the tent, , promising a blend of culture and culinary excellence.

Iftar Price: SAR 375

Suhoor Price: SAR 299

Mandarin Oriental Al Faisaliah, Riyadh

Image Credit Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group Limited

The Mandarin Oriental Al Faisaliah in Riyadh is returning its Fawanees Experience Iftar tent in Ramadan. A lavish feast with foreign and Middle Eastern cuisines will be served inside the tent. 

Image Credit Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group Limited

You shouldn’t miss this event, with live cooking stations and various delectable treats. Along with kid-friendly activities, there will be a designated play area with the experience running from Mar 10 to Apr 9.

Image Credit Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group Limited


Adult (Gold package): SAR 475 – SAR 675

Fairmont Hotel Riyadh

Image Credit Fairmont

This Ramadan, the Fairmont Hotel Riyadh welcomes visitors to go on a culinary adventure with a variety of dishes created by renowned Chef Luigi Taglienti, ranging from Levantine to Pan-Asian. 

Image Credit Fairmont

A Chef’s Table Experience is available at the Ramadan tent, with five distinct menus that include Italian fare, such as lamb carpaccio, white risotto, lobster, and langoustine. While the adults chat and eat, the kids may have a lot of fun in the children’s tent. 

Image Credit Fairmont

Walk around the hotel’s Ramadan Bazaar as the evening draws in. It offers a selection of handcrafted goods, unique perfumes, modest haute couture pieces, Arabic coffee, dates, and other traditional treats and local specialties and promises a diverse and enriching experience.

Price: SAR 425 per person

Fairmont Ramla Serviced Residences

Experience a wonderful Ramadan Iftar at Fairmont Ramla, which is situated in Ramla Terraza on King Fahd Road in Riyadh. The new View Lounge is where you can find the Ramadan Iftar buffet.

Enjoy a beautiful Iftar experience at Fairmont Ramla’s The View Lounge, featuring the most delicious cuisines from around the world.

Zafran Indian Bisto

With a hearty Iftar buffet, Zafran Indian Bisto in Turki Square, The View Mall, and Nakheel Mall is ready to greet Ramadan. Every table has fruits and dates ready for guests to break their fast with, and then each guest can have a traditional Ramadan cocktail. 

A variety of fresh salads, including Tabbouleh, Fattoush, Nicoise Salad, and Rocca with Pine Nuts, as well as mouthwatering kebabs and Zafran’s famous main meals, including Butter Chicken, Chicken Biryani, and Paneer Butter Masala, are also available. 

Image Credit Zafran

The dessert buffet will include Gulab Jamun, Rasmalai, Rice Kheer, and assorted Indian mithai. 


Adult: SAR 129 

Child: : SAR 75

Hyatt Place Riyadh Al Sulaimania

Hyatt Place Riyadh Al Sulaimania, The “Andalusian Nights” themed Ramadan Iftar buffet offers a variety of classic foods from different cuisines, making for a memorable Ramadan experience.

A feeling of Ramadan ambiance infuses the Gallery Cafe at the Hyatt Palace Hotel, making it the ideal place for visitors to come together with loved ones and celebrate breaking their fast.

Price: 190 SAR + VAT

Children: 6-12 years 50% off

Children under 6: Free

Timings: 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM

Park Inn by Radisson Jeddah Madinah Road

The Park Inn by Radisson Jeddah Madinah Road provides a delicious ifar in the Oryx Roof Lounge, so you may celebrate Ramadan beneath the stars.

Iftar Buffer: Starts from 149 SAR per person

Suhoor Buffer: Starts from 89 SAR per person

VIA Riyadh Ramadan Tent

Starting on March 17, 2024, Via Riyadh, one of the Riyadh Season zones, will have its own Ramadan Tent, called “Majlis, Ramadan Nights.”

A broad range of live cooking stations are available at the VIA Riyadh Ramadan tent, accommodating up to 230 people.

Iftar Price: SAR450 per person

Timings: 5 PM – 2 AM

These Ramadan Iftars promise a delightful culinary experience and a chance to partake in the spirit of togetherness and generosity that is characteristic of this Ramadan.

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