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Diriyah Company Unveils Zalla: Its New Commercial and Retail Hub in Bujairi District
Diriyah Company Unveils Zalla_ Its New Commercial and Retail Hub in Bujairi District

Diriyah Company has revealed details of its new premier commercial and retail destination called Zallal, which is due to launch in 2025. 

Zallal will be located adjacent to the popular Bujairi Terrace and At-Turaif UNESCO World Heritage site with direct links to Wadi Hanifah.

Comprising of two low-rise office buildings and 12 retail and Food & Beverage outlets, Zallal is already gaining interest from both international and local brands.

Zallal is anticipated to be a vibrant addition to Diriyah’s evolving landscape, offering a prime location close to the new luxury Bab Samhan Hotel.

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A Glimpse into Zallal

Image Credit Diriyah Company

Zallal, the first of its kind mixed-use development from Diriyah Company, embodies the company’s vision to create a harmonious blend of office and retail spaces. 

This premier venture is designed to cater to diverse businesses while offering an engaging environment for leisure seekers.

Zallal Features

Image Credit Diriyah Company

Spanning a total leasable area of around 6,000 square meters, Zallal will house two low-rise office buildings designed to accommodate approximately 500 employees. 

Complementing this office space, the project will also incorporate 12 vibrant retail and food & beverage outlets, adding another 8,000 square meters to the leasable area.

Zallal’s Strategic Location Advantage

Image Credit Bujairi Terrace

Nestled in the heart of the bustling Bujairi District, Zallal benefits from its strategic location. It’s adjacent to the popular Bujairi Terrace, a top destination attracting thousands of daily visitors. 

Recently, Al Bujairi Heritage Park and Bujairi Terrace have undergone significant developments, making them must-visit destinations. 

Bujairi Terrace, unveiled on December 4th, 2022, is a premier high-end dining destination. Spanning 15,000 square meters and comprising 21 international and local top-tier Bujairi Terrace restaurants serving a mix of international and local cuisines.

From Bujairi Terrace, visitors can also enjoy a breathtaking view of the iconic At-Turaif and its surroundings. 

Image credit Diriyah Art Futures

Its proximity to the renowned Diriyah Art Futures and the soon-to-open Bab Samhan Hotel further adds to its allure, promising high footfall and visibility.

This location advantage enhances Zallal’s appeal among potential tenants and promises an engaging experience for visitors, making it a win-win for all involved.

Design with Accessibility of Zallal

Image Credit Visit Saudi

Designed with the future in mind, Zallal is all set to redefine how businesses operate and people unwind.

Accessibility is a key aspect of Zallal’s design. The project features a 1,400-space underground car park, ensuring convenience for visitors and workers. The car park offers direct links to Wadi Hanifah, Al Imam Abdulaziz bin Muhammad bin Saud Road, and public transportation, facilitating easy access.

Further, including coach drop-off points ensures a smooth arrival experience for tourists and visitors, an essential feature in this pedestrian-friendly locale.

Zallal: An Irresistible Proposition

Image Credit Bujairi Terrace

The anticipation for Zallal is palpable among potential tenants. With advanced leasing discussions already in progress, the project has garnered significant interest from various businesses. 

The prime location and the promise of a diverse mix of retail, F&B, and office spaces make Zallal an irresistible proposition.

Moreover, the project has caught the attention of several international brands planning to debut in Saudi Arabia, along with locally established businesses and innovative Saudi concepts. This diverse tenant mix promises to create a dynamic environment, enhancing the appeal for both visitors and tenants.

Reflecting Diriyah Company’s Commitment

[Image Credit: Visit Diriyah]

Zallal is a testament to Diriyah Company’s commitment to enhancing the area’s commercial and leisure offerings. It’s not just a new development; it’s an integral part of Diriyah’s ongoing dynamic development, set to attract daily visitors to Bujairi Terrace.

Indeed, with its strategic location, comprehensive facilities, and diverse tenant base, Zallal is set to become a key destination in Diriyah’s expanding landscape. It embodies the company’s vision to transform Diriyah into a hub for culture, entertainment, education, and the arts.

Setting New Benchmarks

Image Credit Diriyah Company

Zallal is more than just a commercial venture; it symbolizes the ongoing evolution of Diriyah and Saudi Arabia’s broader commercial landscape. As it gears up to open its doors, Zallal stands as a beacon of optimism and promise, ready to set new benchmarks in the realm of business and leisure.

More Exciting Developments in Diriyah

Diriyah Square

Image Credit Diriyah Company

Located near Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, [Diriyah Square] is a future retail and innovative cultural hub that is part of the larger Diriyah Gate project. 

Encompassing 186 square kilometers, Diriyah Square seamlessly combines contemporary amenities with traditional Najdi architecture that is 300 years old. 

The destination will feature more than 400 stores, 100+ dining options, nine cultural theaters, six high-end hotels and resorts, 34 branded residential units, three integrated residential communities, five office complexes, underground parking, and a Kindergarten.

Diriyah’s Arena

Image Credit HKS Architects

Diriyah Company has announced plans for a 20,000 Seater Arena in Diriyah as part of Diriyah’s $63 billion Gigaproject master plan located on the outskirts of Riyadh.

London’s HKS architects have introduced groundbreaking designs unveiling a 76,000 square-meter Diriyah arena embraced by an urban park. 

Drawing inspiration from the intricate motifs of Najdi forts and palaces, the Arena’s design harmonizes Saudi heritage with a touch of modern sophistication. Upon its completion, the arena aspires to establish itself as a frontrunner in the Middle East, welcoming prominent sports and cultural events.

The Wadi Safar Project

Image Credit Diriyah Company

The Diriyah Gate Development Authority recently introduced the Wadi Safar project, which is set to transform the metropolis of Riyadh into an oasis. The project, often compared to the ‘Bel Air’ of Saudi Arabia, is set to sell approximately 40 to 50 luxury homes in its Wadi Safar community. 

Each house is priced at a minimum of $25 million, catering to a select clientele of ultra-high-net-worth individuals. Wadi Safar, situated west of Diriyah, is about more than just luxury homes. 

Image Credit Diriyah Company

The community will also feature a championship golf course, royal diriyah equestrian, and polo club, adding to the allure of this high-end residential project.

The Ritz-Carlton Diriyah Hotel

Image Credit Diriyah Company

Marriott International has unveiled the start of the construction of the upcoming Ritz-Carlton hotel in Diriyah, which is scheduled to open in 2026. 

It is situated within the $63 Billion Diriyah Giga Project, the five-star establishment is set to include 195 guest rooms and 34 luxury suites. 

The hotel will also feature luxury dining venues, outdoor pools, and a fitness center, providing immersive guest experiences.

Image Credit Diriyah Company

Saudico, a leading construction firm in Saudi Arabia, has also secured a $186 million contract from Diriyah Company to construct the luxurious  Ritz-Carlton Residences in Diriyah. The contract was awarded at the PIF Private Sector Forum held in Riyadh.

The Ritz-Carlton Branded Residences 

Image Credit Diriyah Company

To nurture a harmonious community experience, promoting social interaction through cultural venues, plazas, and leisure facilities, Diriyah Company and Ritz-Carlton have also announced the launch of the first Ritz-Carlton Luxury Branded Residences in the Kingdom.

The Villas will have 3 distinct luxury interior designs ranging from Najdi to contemporary. On completion, the Diriyah Project is due to feature 20,000 residential units, luxury hotels, and restaurants.

The Ritz-Carlton Residences offers six residential villa layouts from three to five bedrooms. Each villa includes a courtyard, presenting an ideal space for residents to relax and unwind. Furthermore, residents can choose three interior designs from traditional Najdi to contemporary.

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