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BlackRock Announces $5 Billion PIF Backed Investment Platform in Saudi Arabia
BlackRock Announces $5 Billion PIF Backed t Investment Platform in Saudi Arabia

BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, has announced plans to launch a new investment platform in Saudi Arabia with up to $5 billion backing from Saudi’s Public Investment Fund

This move aims to accelerate Saudi Arabia’s financial markets and help fund investments across Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, and North Africa.

With $31.5 billion invested by the PIF last, the PIF is currently the top spending sovereign wealth fund in the world.

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The Vision of BlackRock Riyadh Investment Management

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The overarching vision supported by this first-of-its-kind partnership is to catalyze the accelerated growth and diversification of Saudi Arabia’s capital markets. 

By harnessing the powers of these two financial hubs, the establishment of BlackRock Riyadh Investment Management (BRIM) aims to elevate the Kingdom’s investment ecosystem, attracting foreign institutional capital and fostering a more vibrant, internationally diverse, and dynamic investment landscape.

A Multi-Asset Powerhouse

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BRIM will serve as a multi-asset investment drive, encompassing various comprehensive asset classes spanning public and private markets. This approach will encompass strategies ranging from infrastructure and credit investments within private markets to equity plays in public arenas. 

The platform’s investments will be meticulously managed by a dedicated portfolio management team based in Riyadh, fortified by the unparalleled global expertise and cutting-edge technology that BlackRock brings.

PIF’s Transformative Role

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With a staggering $940 billion in assets under management, the PIF, the world’s 5th largest sovereign wealth fund, has emerged as the catalyst propelling Saudi Arabia’s ambitious economic transformation and diversification agenda. 

Under the visionary leadership of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the PIF has evolved from a passive sovereign investor into a global investment powerhouse, deploying billions of dollars across a myriad of sectors, from technology to sports.

In 2023 alone, the PIF invested a record $31.5 billion, cementing its status as a top global sovereign wealth fund investor. This strategic investment in BRIM underscores its commitment to fostering a capital markets ecosystem within the Kingdom while unlocking new avenues for international investment.

The Multiplier Effect of BRIM

Image Credit Faisal Bin Zarah

The ripple effects of this groundbreaking partnership extend far beyond the financial realm. By 2030, the PIF and its portfolio companies are poised to invest a staggering $230 billion in the United States alone, a move projected to support the creation of over 440,000 American jobs. 

This underscores the PIF’s pivotal role in driving global economic prosperity and reinforces the potential for BRIM to catalyze job creation and economic development within the Middle Eastern region.

Saudi Arabia: The Global Investment Magnet

Image Credit Faisal Bin Zarah

BlackRock’s esteemed Chairman and CEO Larry Fink has lauded Saudi Arabia’s burgeoning status as an “increasingly attractive destination for international investment.” As the ambitious Vision 2030 unfolds, the BRIM is a strategic way to facilitate this influx.

By offering investors worldwide the opportunity to partake in this “exciting, long-term opportunity,” BRIM is set to amplify the allure of Saudi Arabia’s investment landscape, fostering greater economic integration and cementing the Kingdom’s position as a regional financial powerhouse.

Blending Local Expertise with Global Prowess

BRIM’s operational model predates a harmonious fusion of local expertise and global prowess. While a dedicated Riyadh-based team will spearhead the platform’s investments, the entire operation seamlessly integrates with BlackRock’s industry-leading investment capabilities and operational platforms.

This symbiotic approach ensures that BRIM can leverage BlackRock’s vast global market experience and cutting-edge technology while nurturing and advancing local investment capabilities. 

This synergy is poised to catalyze a virtuous cycle of knowledge transfer, skill development, and capacity building within the Saudi financial sector.

The Regulatory Landscape

Image Credit HOK

While the memorandum of understanding (MoU) between PIF and BlackRock represents a momentous stride forward, realizing BRIM’s full potential is contingent upon navigating a series of regulatory approvals and achieving agreed-upon milestones between the parties.

This careful approach underscores the commitment to adhering to the highest standards of governance and transparency, ensuring that BRIM’s operations are firmly rooted in a robust regulatory framework that fosters investor confidence and safeguards the integrity of the capital markets.

Deepening Market Structures 

Image Credit AFP

Beyond the core investment mandate, BlackRock’s Financial Markets Advisory Group is poised to lend expertise to several auxiliary initiatives to deepen Saudi Arabia’s capital markets and enhance the underlying market structures.

This holistic approach, which transcends mere investment activities, underscores the comprehensive nature of the partnership and its potential to catalyze transformative changes across the entire financial ecosystem of the Kingdom.

The Collaborative Ecosystem

In a testament to the Kingdom’s commitment to fostering an inclusive and collaborative financial ecosystem, the PIF has unveiled a series of initiatives designed to facilitate seamless cooperation between the sovereign wealth fund and external fund managers.

The launch of the Managers’ Gate platform and the Portfolio Management Development Program exemplifies this ethos, creating digital channels for collaboration and knowledge-sharing. 

By embracing a culture of partnership and synergy, the PIF is poised to amplify the impact of its investments and accelerate the growth of the Saudi financial sector.

Transcending Oil Dependence

Image Credit The PIF

At the heart of the PIF’s mandate lies a resolute commitment to transcending Saudi Arabia’s historical reliance on oil revenues. 

Investing in an array of industries, from technology to tourism, and spearheading ambitious infrastructure development projects, the fund is spearheading the Kingdom’s economic diversification agenda.

Establishing BRIM represents a pivotal step in this journey, fostering the growth of a vibrant and globally integrated capital markets ecosystem that can catalyze sustainable, long-term economic prosperity.

A Regional Investment Hub

Image Credit Ahmed Fahmy

As the curtain rises on this transformative partnership between BlackRock and the PIF, Saudi Arabia’s financial sector’s future outlook is boundless potential and continued progress. 

With BRIM at the vanguard, the Kingdom is poised to cement its position as a regional investment hub, attracting a steady stream of global capital and nurturing a new generation of financial professionals.

The PIF’s Major Partnerships and Investments

The PIF’s Stake in STC

Image Credit The PIF

Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) acquired the majority share of Saudi Telecom’s Tower Unit for $3.15 Billion. 

This acquisition aims to merge it with other local assets and create a regional mobile tower powerhouse. 

Under this deal, PIF will hold 54% ownership while STC will have 43%, effectively managing 30,000 towers across five countries. This move aligns with the goals of Vision 2030, which is to drive economic transformation. 

As part of the deal, STC will invest approximately 533 million riyals in capital and utilize the funds from selling its towers unit, Tawal, to support its domestic and international expansion.

The PIF and ATP Partnership

Image Credit The PIF

The Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia and ATP, overseeing men’s tennis, have revealed a multi-year strategic collaboration to enhance the global tennis landscape.

In this alliance, PIF will assume the role of the official ATP Rankings naming partner and become an official partner for ATP tournaments.

This partnership comes on after the appointment of Rafael Nadal as the ambassador for The Saudi Tennis Federation and the introduction of the 6 Kings Slam Tennis Tournament, scheduled to be held in Riyadh this October, featuring elite players like Novak Djokovic.

The PIF’s Electric 360 Partnership

Image Credit The PIF

The Public Investment Fund (PIF) of Saudi Arabia has recently entered into a multi-year collaboration named Electric 360, encompassing all three international electric Motorsport championships. 

This strategic alliance involves Formula E, Extreme E, and E1 Powerboat racing to catalyze the global expansion of electric Motorsports.

Currently, the PIF has a 5% ownership in Formula E and a substantial 50% stake in Extreme E, focusing on off-road racing. As part of this partnership, thrilling races will be featured in Saudi Arabia, including the annual Formula E event in the historic city of Diriyah.

The PIF’s Launch of ALAT

Image Credit The PIF

The Public Investment Fund has launched ALAT, a company intended to establish the Kingdom as a leading center for Electronics and Advanced Industries globally.

ALAT will focus on producing semiconductors, robotics, advanced computing systems, intelligent household appliances, and digital entertainment goods.

With ambitions to generate 39,000 employment opportunities, ALAT aims to bolster Saudi Arabia’s non-oil GDP by $9.3 Billion by 2030.

The PIF’s Magic Leap Investment 

Image Credit Magic Leap

The Public Investment Fund has made a significant investment of $590 million in Magic Leap, a U.S.-based company known for its expertise in immersive virtual reality headsets, directly competing with Apple’s Vision Pro. 

This strategic move coincides with the imminent release of Apple’s Vision Pro, priced at $3,499, further escalating the rivalry among Magic Leap, Meta, and Apple. 

With this considerable financial injection, Magic Leap’s total funding now surpasses $4.5 billion, positioning it for a potential technological revolution. 


Image Credit The PIF

Saudi Arabia has launched THE RIG, an innovative mega theme park inspired by oil rigs, situated 40 kilometers off the country’s eastern coast. 

Inspired by Saudi Arabia’s abundant oil and gas history, the theme park includes three hotels, 11 restaurants, helipads, a diving center, and an extreme sports adventure park.

The Oil Park Development Company is spearheading the project, backed by the Public Investment Fund. The estimated cost of this groundbreaking venture is projected to be $5 billion.

The PIF’s Stake in MEPCO

Image Credit The PIF

The Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia has acquired a 23.08% stake in the Middle East Paper Company, also known as MEPCO.

This strategic acquisition is designed to substantially support expanding MEPCO’s core business, focusing on producing and recycling paper-based products across the Middle East and North Africa. 

Additionally, the move aims to extend the PIF’s influence in the construction sector by fostering the manufacture of specialized building materials, including gypsum. This strategic approach contributes to the development of local supply chains and reinforces Vision 2030’s broader objectives.

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