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Barn’s Specialty Coffee Plans Global Expansion with IPO Aiming for 1000 Stores Worldwide by 2030
Barn_s Specialty Coffee Plans Global Expansion and IPO Aiming for 1000 Stores Worldwide by 2030

The well known Saudi Arabian Speciality Coffee Shop Barn’s is planning to launch an IPO next year with the aim of reaching 1,000 stores globally and expanding into new markets including the UK and USA. The IPO would provide an opportunity for loyal customers of Barn’s to become investors in the company.

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A Coffee Legacy Rooted in Jeddah

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Barn’s Specialty Coffee, a Jeddah-based coffee chain, was established by the Al Amjaad Group in 1992. The brand has grown to become the second-largest operator in the country, with more than 550 stores across Saudi Arabia. 

With a progressive company culture, Barn’s continues to hold an impressive market position, even amidst fierce competition from international brands like Dunkin’.

A Recipe for Success

Al Amjaad Group strategically adopted a franchising model to enhance the reach of Barn’s while maintaining control over approximately 30% of its branches. 

This successful strategy has driven the growth of Barn’s from about 130 branches in 2018 to over 550, with more than 150 branches fully owned by Al Amjaad.

From Coffee Lovers to Future Investors

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CEO of Al Amjaad Group, Mohamed Al-Zain, revealed plans for an IPO launch during Barn’s annual Franchise Meeting. By transitioning its loyal customers to investors, Barn’s aims to foster a sense of ownership among its clientele, encouraging them to be part of the company’s success journey.

Barn’s strategic vision involves significant international expansion, primarily targeting Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) markets alongside planned entries into the UK, US, and Malaysia.

The coffee chain’s growth strategy also includes an emphasis on drive-thru stores and smaller format sites, offering convenience to its customers and adapting to fast-paced modern lifestyles.

The Coffee Capital of the Middle East

Image Credit Barns

With a passionate commitment to fostering a vibrant coffee culture, Barn’s has played a significant role in positioning Saudi Arabia as the ‘coffee capital of the Middle East.’ World Coffee Portal research indicates that Saudi Arabia accounts for 40% of all branded coffee shop outlets in the MENA region.

Barn’s prides itself on serving one of the most memorable cups of coffee across Saudi Arabia. With nearly twenty million annual visitors to the Makkah region for the Islamic pilgrimage, Hajj, Barn’s builds connections with people worldwide, offering them a delightful coffee experience.

The Middle Eastern branded coffee shop market, comprising more than 8,870 outlets, is forecasted to reach 11,840 stores by 2027. Saudi Arabia, identified as the region’s largest branded coffee shop market, accounted for 40% of all stores in the MENA region, with a projection to exceed 5,350 outlets by 2027.

Barn’s 2 Go Vitro an Innovation in Coffee Making

Barn’s has introduced Barn’s 2 Go Vitro, a high-capacity, automatic, hot beverage machine that offers an array of delicious speciality beverages crafted with authentic Italian-style espresso. This innovative machine is an ideal solution for high-volume locations seeking to offer excellent coffee service effortlessly.

Barn’s Café aspires to become the world’s best franchise system within the coffee retail industry. The rapid development of Barn’s Café is attributed to franchising, which has enabled the transfer of knowledge to local entrepreneurs and allowed for business expansion in multiple locations.

A New Journey in Coffee Experience

Image Credit Barns

The recently inaugurated BarnX offers an innovative coffee experience with the finest quality of specialized coffee. 

Located in the Al-Zahra neighbourhood, Ahmed Al Attas St. Hashim Center, Jeddah, BarnX boasts a modern design with comfortable seating arrangements and a warm atmosphere. 

Barn’s seeks franchise partners who share its passion for coffee and exemplary service. 

Potential franchise partners need to have adequate experience and knowledge of the food and beverage industry, sufficient financial resources, and an appreciation for the company’s Halal and ethical spirit.

Barn’s Specialty Coffee Brewing a Bright Future

Image Credit Barns

With its ambitious global expansion plans and upcoming IPO launch, Barn’s Specialty Coffee is set to redefine the coffee landscape not just in Saudi Arabia, but globally. 

Through its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service, the brand is poised to make significant strides toward its vision of operating 1,000 stores by 2030.

Barn’s journey exemplifies how a home-grown coffee brand can evolve into a global player, all while maintaining its unique identity and culture. 

As Barn’s continues to innovate and expand, coffee lovers worldwide can look forward to more memorable cups of coffee from this dynamic brand.

SHOTTED Cafe Brings Saudi Coffee to Washington DC

In another news, it was announced that SHOTTED, a Saudi specialty cafe, is bringing the authentic Saudi coffee culture to Washington DC. This initiative, in collaboration with Princess Reema bint Bandar, the Saudi ambassador, showcases traditional and modern Saudi elements. 

SHOTTED offers unique coffee experiences like Qahwa, a cardamom-spiced coffee, in a setting designed with Arabian art and comfortable seating for cultural exchange.

It’s become a popular gathering spot in Washington, particularly among the local Muslim community during Ramadan, serving as a communal space for breaking fast and cultural connection​​​​.

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