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Adidas Eyes Expansion in Saudi Arabia with 100 New Stores and Partnerships with Saudi Pro League Teams
Adidas Eyes Expansion in Saudi Arabia with 100 New Stores and Partnerships with Saudi Pro League Teams

Adidas, the giant sportswear brand, is planning a large expansion in Saudi Arabia, including a partnership with the Saudi Pro League and opening 100 new stores across the Kingdom by 2025.

Adidas will become the official match ball supplier of the Saudi Pro League from February 2024 and has entered into a multi-year partnership deal with Al Nassr Football Club, which is home to Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Adidas Retail Strategy and Expansion

Adidas is set to revolutionize the retail landscape in Saudi Arabia, targeting the opening of more than 100 stores by 2025. The sportswear giant has already established its first office in Business Gate Riyadh, aiming to employ over 400 personnel by the end of 2024, with a significant focus on Saudi nationals.

Recognizing the growth in the consumer market in line with Saudi Vision 2030, Bilal Fares, General Manager of EMC, said, “This growth trajectory reflects our dedication to expanding our presence and enhancing consumer engagement within Saudi Arabia.”

Adidas Domination in the Saudi Football

Al Nassr Partnership

Image Credit Al Nassr FC

Adidas has entered into a multi-year partnership with Al Nassr Football Club, becoming the official kit partner from the 2024-25 season onwards. This landmark deal extends beyond outfitting the teams, intending to propel Al Nassr into the global football arena.

“The partnership will also help steer the club in its ambitions to become a global football club, with next season’s jerseys available to fans across the world,” Fares added.

Al-Nassr CEO Guido Fienga said: “As we join forces with Adidas in this exciting partnership, the scale and resonance of Al-Nassr, both adorned with the iconic Adidas three stripes, magnify the global impact we can achieve.

Al Ahli Partnership

Image Credit GOAL

The collaboration with Al Ahli Football Club, commencing in the 2023 SPL season, is set to continue into the next season. Fares revealed ongoing efforts to finalize kit designs, showcasing Adidas’ commitment to the kingdom’s football sector.

“Building our partnership portfolio is something we feel passionately about but it’s also important to reflect on the importance of our existing partnerships,” Fares said.

Both of these partnerships have sent waves recently by signing international football icons Cristiano Ronaldo, Riyad Mahrez, and Robert Firmino.

Saudi Pro League (SPL) Alliance

Image Credit SPL

Adidas has solidified its presence in the Saudi football landscape through partnerships with SPL and Al Nassr, marking a pivotal moment in its commitment to football development. The SPL partnership aims to boost sports participation among the youth, aligning with Saudi Vision 2030.

“Our partnerships with the Saudi Pro League (SPL) and Al Nassr Football Club marks a pivotal moment in our commitment to football development in the kingdom,” Fares said.

Partnership with Saudi Arabia Football Federation

Image Credit Adidas

Adidas has an ongoing deal with the Saudi Arabia Football Federation (SAFF), a landmark deal signed in 2022. The partnership with the Saudi Arabia Football Federation (SAFF) emphasizes a shared desire to grow the sport across the kingdom, focusing on developing women’s football. 

This commitment underscores Adidas’ broader impact on football culture in Saudi Arabia.

Fares said, “An important partnership based on a shared desire to grow the sport across the kingdom with a view of supporting the federation in their ambition of becoming a top 20 FIFA-ranked federation by 2034.”

Ambassador Portfolio and Local Collaborations

Image Credit EPA

Adidas boasts a growing ambassador portfolio featuring top Saudi athletes like tennis star Yara Hogbani and football players Farah Jefry, Yasser Al Shahrani, and Saud Abdualhamed. 

Fares asserted, “Our ambitions extend beyond the football pitch. Collaborations with local athletes and influencers further underscore our commitment to celebrating the dynamic lifestyle in Saudi Arabia,”

The company collaborates with local influencers, celebrating the dynamic lifestyle in Saudi Arabia and fostering a sense of community.

Fares also highlighted work with Saudi alpinist Raha Moharrak, who has been an Adidas ambassador for four years.

Fares said, “We have supported her in a journey that has seen her summit Everest while becoming the first regional ambassador to appear in a global Adidas campaign, further shining a spotlight on our local athletes and the great work they’re doing when it comes to driving change across the kingdom.”

Adidas Exclusive Saudi Collections

Adidas is collaborating with local designers to launch exclusive collections tailored for the Saudi market in an exciting development for Saudi shoppers. A unique collection for National Day is in the works, showcasing Adidas’ commitment to catering to local preferences and celebrations.

Adidas E-Commerce Leap

Image Credit Adidas

Expanding beyond brick-and-mortar stores, Adidas has strategically increased its e-commerce operations from the UAE to Saudi Arabia. With a new warehouse in place, the company promises the “biggest ever range” and faster delivery times, enhancing the overall customer experience in the region.

Shaping Saudi’s Sports Landscape

Image Credit Tolu Sanusi

Adidas’ strategic moves in Saudi Arabia, from aggressive retail expansion to impactful football partnerships, showcase the brand’s commitment to shaping the kingdom’s sports and lifestyle landscape. 

As the company navigates the challenges of a competitive market, its dedication to innovation and community engagement positions Adidas for a promising future in Saudi Arabia.

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